Welcome to Tang lab, the Laboratory of Biomaterials for Immunoengineering (LBI)

The overarching goal of Tang laboratory is to establish detailed understanding of the interactions between synthetic biomaterials and the immune system, and precisely control the immune response using engineered intelligent biomaterials in order to develop effective novel immunotherapies for cancer, infectious diseases and autoimmune disorders. We leverage the power of state of the art synthetic chemistry, materials science and nanotechnology to advance the diagnosis and therapy of human diseases by modulating the immune system with smart biomaterials. [More]


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01.07.2019 We are recruiting! A Postdoctoral Researcher position on neoantigen cancer vaccine and a Lab Technician position are available immediately. See the details.  

08.08.2018 Our paper about a smart nanogel backpack for enhanced T-cell immunotherapy is published in Nature Biotechnology and highlighted as a cover story of the August issue. Thank all the co-authors, editor and reviewers!

A News & Views article by Dr. Heslop is associated.

The paper has been highlighted in many media reports: MIT News, EPFL News, EurekAlert!, Phys.org, Nanowerk, My Science, eCancer, Health Canal, Medindia, Madrid, UPI.com, Science and Enterprise, Brinkwire, Sina, BioArt

01.08.2018 We are awarded 2018 ERC starting grant to explore a new area for physically modulating immune response for enhanced and safer cancer immunotherapy. Many thanks to ERC for the outstanding support!


05.04.2017 Dr. Tang gave an invited talk at the symposium entitled “Biomaterials for Immunotherapy” at the 253rd American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting & Exposition, San Francisco, CA, USA. Dr. Tang chaired a session on immunoengineering. Thanks to the organizers, Dr. Hao Cheng, Dr. Zhen Gu, and Dr. Darrell Irvine, for the opportunity!
03.04.2017 Our laboratory was awarded a project grant from Novartis Foundation for medical-biological Research to target LIGHT to tumor for enhanced cancer immunotherapy. This is a collaborative project with Dr. Yang-Xin Fu’s team at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Many thanks to Novartis Foundation for the support!
Our laboratory was awarded a 3-year grant from Fondation Pierre Mercier pour la science to design an innovative cancer vaccine for enhanced lymph node targeting and cross-presentation. Many thanks to the Fondation Pierre Mercier for the generous support!
Our laboratory was awarded a 4-year, CHF 715’444, project funding from Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) to support our research in immunoengineering through responsive nanoparticle drug delivery. Many thanks to SNSF for the outstanding support!
Our laboratory was awarded a 3-year EPFL-Biltema-ISREC grant to support our research in enhancing cancer immunotherapy using biomaterials. This is a collaborative project with Dr. Coukos George’s team at Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Lausanne. Many thanks to Biltema and ISREC Foundations for the support!
We are featured in STI, IBI and IMX webpages!
The Tang Lab, a Laboratory of Biomaterials for Immunoengineering (LBI), opened!